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buy now homeOur award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of our prized products. We also feature rare, regional legumes, traditional pastas, as well as time honoured antipasti. All products are hand made to order in Barletta Italy, thus ensuring the highest quality and freshness. We pride ourselves on respecting the land, the plants we grow, ourselves and our Cannensi community. We believe in environmental sustainability, health and food security, consumption and production of natural and pure products, flavor, taste and gastronomical quality. Our goal is to guarantee each customer exceptional Cannensi products.
Raffaele Delcuratolo and Jennifer Ament began the company in 2010 realizing their dream bringing quality, flavorful, healthy food products from Apulia to Canada. Cannensi aims to help educate Canadians on the importance of our Apulian product line. Aiding in understanding the importance of how to recognize and taste good extra virgin olive oil, rare legumes, traditional pastas and time honoured antipasti.
We are completely independent, importing and distributing ourselves thus enabling Cannensi products to come directly from the earth to your table, directly from the farmer (Raffaele) to you. We strive to be effective and efficient in regards to production, storage and transportation, in order to maintain the freshness and natural goodness of our products.


Message from Raffaele Delcuratolo owner and founder of Cannensi

Since is creation in 2008 Cannensi has been managed, coordinated and promoted by myself personally. I follow and care for my products from the planting of the seed to the delivery of the products to my respected clients. My beliefs are environmental sustainability, health and food security, the naturalness and purity of good food, territoriality, flavor, taste and gastronomical quality, and guaranteeing the consumer a quality product.
My work takes place mainly in the fields where I take care of my crops. Times of harvest and transformation are coordinated in a way in which the produce is 'worked' the least amount possible thus avoiding accidentally altering the natural goodness of the product.
When not out in the fields I am occupied by promoting, informing, explaining, and selling my products directly to the consumer, organizing fairs, exhibits and involving myself with all kinds of other events to make known the pure goodness of our Apulian products. I am also passionate for attending courses on pruning olive trees and caring for my olive grooves. I enroll in courses put on by ASSAM (Association for agricultural sector services), which organizes national championships for agriculturalists.
I think that in a free market where we are all consumers every minute of every day, the role of the entrepreneur is to get closer and build a trusting relationship to the final consumer in order to communicate and the natural process of the product. It is for this reason that we deliver our goods directly to our customers doorsteps.

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