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Green Olives Cerignola

The "Bella di Cerignola"
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The "Bella di Cerignola"
The cultivation and manufacture of the "Bella di Cerignola" olive dates back to a forgotten pre-Christian age.
It is distinguishable by its oval shape, larger than other varieties and by the ease with which the flesh separates from the stone. Originally known as the Olive of Spain due to its Iberian origin (it was imported during the Aragonese period), it became known to all the world thanks to the innovative conservation system developed by the people of Cerignola, which involved the use of wooden barrels known locally as "vascidd". By 1930 it was considered amongst the best techniques for the preparation of green table olives.
Once they have reached their ideal maturity, the olives are carefully measured and sent to manufacture.

Production cycle

The "Bella di Cerignola" olive lends itself perfectly to preparation by the ancient technique known as the Sivigliano system.
The production cycle is made up of three phases:
- The debitterising phase solubilises the bitter element of the olive, which is then eliminated by a series of different rinses.
- The olives are then immersed in a saline solution which marks the start of the fermentation process which prolongs the shelf life of the product.
- Once this phase of production is over the olives are pasteurised and sent to be packaged.
The olive's bitterness is eliminated through the "californian" method:
- dipped in brine 10% for 60 days;
- the last olive's bitterness is eliminated in solution of naoh 2% for 15 hours;
- compressed air has broken in the wather;
- colour stabilizer is ferrous gluconate;
- washings;
- olives are hand packed in jar and tin and sterilized.


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