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They were chosen at 'Olio Capitale' an event held in March 2010 in Trieste Italy, where restaurateurs, consumers, producers, and professional tasters have a chance to showcase their products.
They were declared the best extra virgin olive oils from more than 500 exhibitors in the 'fruity' category by renowned expert and 'Oleologo' Luigi Caricato.

cucina italiana_rivista_recensione_cannensi_2Luigi Caricato a writer and journalist has published many works on Olive Oil, including a novel "The Oil of Conversion" (Besa, 2005 e 2006)He is responsible for coining of "oleologo" used to define the professionals involved in the Olive Oil industry. This term was later reported in the Linguistic bank as well as the Institute for Intellectual European Lexicon.
In only forty years Luigi has already received a lifetime achievement award. The 'Golden Mermaid' in Sorrento.

In May 2007 he was nominated as a prestigious member with the title Academic Correspondent of the Academy of Olive Oil in Spoleto. He has worked for many different companies as well as advised for government agencies.
He has held lectures for the Masters in Olive Oil Extraction at the University of Pisa in the Faculty of Agriculture. He has also been the speaker for many major conferences and congresses.
He organized many cultural events one of these being the "Hall of Quality Extra Olive Oil" held in Trieste during "Olio Capitale" now in its fourth year (2010).

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