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Olive D'Or By SIAL

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An international contest
Olive d'Or takes place during SIAL Canada, the only international food industry trade show in Canada.
As part of the SIAL Group, offering 5 trade shows on 4 continents, Olive d'Or enjoys a global communications network.

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Cannensi Proudly featured our Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Winnipegs 'Folklorama' Festival. We set up at the Italian Pavilion to show those interested in the Italian culture how, good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is linked to the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet as well as with famed quality and goodness of Italian cooking. From August 5 - 11 2012 we sampled our Olive Oil promoting and explaining to Winnipeggers what 'High Quality' Extra Virgin Olive Oil is all about. As well as what Cannensi is all about. Thank you Winnipeg and Folklorama, We really enjoyed being a part of this event.

Cannensi's Process of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is where / how Cannensi Olive Oil is made, first the olives go through a machine to remove branches and leaves, then they are washed, then they are crushed under granite rollers. Then the pulp is mixed and and the oil starts to separate from the pulp, then it goes into a machine that spins it and the water, oil, and pulp are separated. The oil that comes out is Cannensi Extra Virgin Olive oil, This process is often referred to as first cold pressed and there is not any other way to make 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil'.

Caboto Centre

Cannensi Canada Presents
an Information and tasting session held at the Caboto Centre Meet Raffaele Delcuratolo, the producer of Cannensi product line, including our prized multi Award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
1055 Wilkes Avenue - Centro Caboto Centre – Audino Room
Tuesday April 17th 9:00am, 10:00am & 11:00am

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A guide to the world best Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flos Olei – a guide to the world best extra vingin olive oil. It is the only Guide with a universal scope and realized in the double version, Italian and English, to make it an effective means of information about the best Italian and international producers.

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Cucina ItalianaIn this edition of 'Fuoriclasse' Cannensi's Extra Virgin Olive Oil was one of 20 Olive oils featured for their high quality, authenticity, character and organoleptic value. The selected olive oils represented fourteen regions in Italy, from Vento to Sicily, Lombardy to Sardinia, Liguria to Apulia, the imperial land where the most majestic olive trees can be found.




2009 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Guide Published by Slow Food Ranks Cannensi Olive Oil the Highest(3 olives).Cannensi Olive Oil is presented in the 'Extra Virgin Guide 2009' of the products sifted through by 'Slow Food' Cannensi is recognized among the highest in quality, along with a favorable price.

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